Lady Amarena


Amarena Fabbri and its unmistakable blue and white jar are the fruit of a love between Gennaro Fabbri, father of the Company, and Rachele, his wife and inventor of the precious “amarena with juice” recipe with which the famous sour cherries are still prepared to this day.

Gennaro Fabbri commissioned the Faenza masters, known for their skill and sophistication, to create the floral ceramic vase that is an icon of the company around the world. It was 1915 and today, after more than 100 years, Amarena continues its story of­ passion, tradition and innovation.

It is thanks to these unmistakable qualities and its innate versatility that Amarena Fabbri enters right into the­ list of ingredients most used by bartenders around the world, adding a touch of refinement to original cocktails and trendy revisits. In the fruit version or the Mixy Bar, Amarena adds its signature style to the most popular drinks of the moment thanks to the famous Opaline jar, a timeless testament to a truly chic service.

2018: Lady Amarena Fourth Edition

Once again Lady Amarena is back with a challenge open to all professional bar ladies.
And this year there are two sections in the contest: one for bar ladies resident in Italy and one for those who live abroad.
Who will be the winner of this exciting edition?

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